Poems Online

Beyond Fear.” In Heard Immunity. Ed. Gregg Bordowitz. Museum of Modern Art and PS1.

A Bridge on Account of Sex: a 21st Century Trans Woman to Susan B. Anthony.” In Project 19: The Poets. New York Philharmonic.

Comfort Animal” and “Forgetting.” Translated by Andreea Drăghici. Poetic Stand.

“Pronouncement.” Drunken Boat.

Interview with Mass Poetry, February 2018

A reading from The Future is Trying to Tell Us Something: New and Selected Poems

“Make America Great Again” (Indolent Press)

A Modest Proposal”  (Storyscape Journal)

“The Poem and Me” (Storyscape Journal)

“When I Grow Up” (Jewish Journal)

“Divorce”(The Good Men Project)

Making Love,” “Psalm I:1,” “Psalm I:4,” and “Psalm I:12” (The Feminist Wire)

“The Leopard” (The Good Men Project)

“Living in the Past” (HIV Here & Now Poem 118)

“To Say You Lived” (Kore Press Poem of the Week)

“In the Name of the Father” (The Good Men Project)

“It Like Me” (Vetch)

“Hadley Graveyard, Heat Wave” (MassPoetry.org Poem of the Moment)

Ephemera” (Poetry Daily’s Featured Poem)

“Time Passes” (Poets.org Poem of the Day)

“A Self” (LambdaLiterary)

“Kiss” and “Sex” (LambdaLiterary)

“Girl in a Bottle” and “There” (LambdaLiterary)

“Smart Ways to Die” and “Early Morning Flight” (Four Way Review)

“A Little Bit of Ocean,” “August,” “Afterward,” and “Letter to Poetry” (Sweet)

“Everything and Nothing” (Sweet)

“Commitment Issues,” “Gender” and “Making Love” (Extract(s))

“Lost and Found,” “Essence and Flow” and “North and South” (EOAGH)

“Unmourning” and “Pronouncement” (Drunken Boat)

“Respiration,” “And Sometimes the Death,” “Hotel Room,” “Feeding the Corpse,” “Miss Death” and “Post Mortem” (BAP Quarterly)

“Learning to Say `I,’” “The Water We Are” and “Similes for Sentiment” (Cutbank)

“A Story of Windows” and “In This Dream, We Can See Each Other’s Dreams” (Ilanot Review)

“Hallelujah” and “Geese” (Blast Furnace)

“Body and Soul” and “Now and Then” (Bodies of Work)

“The Soul Walks Behind Herself,” “Food,” “Hope,” “Freezing,” “Bearing” and “Opening” (Segue)

“In the Water,” “Survival Guide,” and “Mind” (At-Large)

“My Father’s Pain” and “Radio Haiti” (2River)

 “Kindness” (Storyscape Journal)

“Fireworks in the Graveyard” (Storyscape Journal)

“Death” (Storyscape Journal)

“Losing Your Breasts” (42opus)

“After the Flood” (Gorgon Poetics)

“How Much” (Lavender Review)

“Balance” (Lavender Review)

“Corpus” (OCHO)

“Centrifugality” (Right Hand Pointing)

“Letter to Joy” (Lavender Review)

“Letter to Failure” (Prime Number)

“Letter to Death” (Extract(s))

“Letter to the Lord” (JewishJournal)

“Letter to God” (The Forward)

“Assimilation” (The Forward)

“Moths” (Atticus Review)

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  1. I loved your poems in THE FEMINIST WIRE! I found your site via THE SUFI JOURNAL after meeting Peter Valentyne at a Manhattan Plaza poetry reading. Just had to tell you how beautiful your poems are! Margaret McCarthy http://www.margaretmccarthy.com


  2. […]  Those interested in reading her poetry can access a list of her poems published online on her website. […]


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