Literary Studies

Book-Length Studies:

Soldering the Abyss: Emily Dickinson and Modern American Poetry. Ph.D Dissertation, Princeton University, 2000. VDM Publishing, Spring 2010. 

Selected Essays

Writing Beyond the Human: Divining the Poetics of Divinity.” Poetry. 216.1 (April 2020): 77-86.

“`Split It Open and Count the Seeds’: Trans Identity, Trans Poetics, and Oliver Bendorf’s The Spectral Wilderness.” TSQ: Trans Studies Quarterly. (Forthcoming Fall 2015).

Girl in a Bottle: An Autobiographical Excursion into the Poetics of Transsexuality.” In (In)Scribing Gender: International Female Writers and the Creative Process. Ed. Jen Westmoreland Bouchard. Diversion Press, 2015. 

Emperors of Ice Cream: Sense, Non-Sense and Silliness in American Poetry.” American Poetry  Review. 43.1 (January/February 2014): 31-34.

Marianne Moore and the Politesse of Protest.” Writer’s Chronicle. 46:2 (Oct/Nov 2013): 92-97.

Supposed Persons: Emily Dickinson and `I’.” The Emily Dickinson International Society Bulletin25:1 (May/June 2013): 15-18, 24.

Lowell’s Legacy.” Writer’s Chronicle. 43.6 (May 2011): 16-22.

`It was not Death’: The Poetic Career of the Chronotope.” Bakhtin’s Theory of the Literary Chronotope: Reflections, Applications, Perspectives. Ed. Bart Keunen. Ghent, Belgium: Academia Press, 2010: 131-155.

“`Where the Meanings, Are’: Emily Dickinson, Prosody, and Post-Modernist Poetics.” Versification. 5 (2010): 1-8.

`What I Assume You Shall Assume’: Democracy, Walt Whitman’s First “Leaves Of Grass” and the Future of American Poetry.” In The Poetry of Walt Whitman: New Critical Perspectives. Ed. Kanwar Dinesh Singh. Atlantic Publishers and Distributors, 2009. 14-31.

“A Little East of Eden: Yona Wallach and the Shores of American Poetry.” Parnassus: Poetry in Review. 30 (1&2): 327-42. 2008.

“`This Consciousness that is Aware’: Emily Dickinson’s Phenomenology as Consolation.” In Wider Than the Sky: The Healing Power of Emily Dickinson. Ed. Cynthia Mackenzie and Barbara Wolfkoda. Kent State University Press, 2007. 33-43.

“What to Make of a Diminished Thing: Robert Frost and the Decline of Literary Language.” The Robert Frost Review. 16 (Fall 2006): 89-116.

Meeting Her Maker: Emily Dickinson’s God.” Cross Currents. 56.3 (Fall 2006): 338-46.

`After the End of the World’: Poetry of the Holocaust.” Michigan Quarterly Review. XLV.2  (Spring 2006): 284-306.

“`So Anthracite – to live’: Emily Dickinson and American Literary History.” The Emily Dickinson Journal. 13.1 (2004): 19-50.

“Search Conditions: Find `Auden’ and `Modernism.'” In W.H. Auden: A Legacy. Ed. David Izzo. Locust Hill Press. 2001. 391-413.

“Thirsting for the Absolute: American Poetry Gets Religion.” Parnassus: Poetry in Review24.2 (2000): 8-52.

Fleshing Out the Chronotope.” In Critical Essays on Mikhail Bakhtin. Ed. Caryl Emerson.  Critical Essays on World Critics. New York: G.K. Hall, 1999. 212-236.

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