Through the Door of Life: a Jewish Journey Between Genders (2012 National Jewish Book Award Finalist, Forward Fives Award winner; U. of Wisconsin Press)


The Soul of the Stranger: Reading God and Torah from a Transgender Perspective (2018; Brandeis UP)

Reviews by Publishers Weekly (starred review), Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Tablet (Shoshana Olidort),

Rachel Barenblat, Believe Out Loud (Jude Wetherell)


(Books that have no links are out of print, but signed, discounted editions are available from me directly at

Shekhinah Speaks (2022; selva oscura)

Review by Lilith (Susan Schnur)

Interviews by New York Jewish Book Festival (Gregg Bordowitz), Home to Her podcast , Tablet (Jake Marmer),

On the Seawall (Tiffany Troy), Julie Marie Wade (The Rumpus), Disloyal podcast (Liora Ostroff), and

Connecting Point (New England Public Media)

The Book of Anna. Revised second edition, with a new Afterword by the author. (2021; EOAGH Books)

National Jewish Book Award for Poetry, 2021

Reviews by LambdaLiterary, Margot Douaihy (Portland Review) and Cultural Daily

Interviews by Forbes (Dawn Ennis), Julie Marie Wade (The Rumpus), Risa Denenberg (Cultural Daily) and Moment

The Future is Trying to Tell Us Something: New and Selected Poems (2017; Sheep Meadow Press)

Fireworks in the Graveyard (2017; Headmistress Press)

Review by Tupelo Quarterly (Tom Griffen)

Interview by Gay & Lesbian Review (Samantha Pious)

“Answers to the Name of `Lucky'” (2016; chapbook; Delphi Series #2, Blue Lyra Press)

Impersonation (2015; finalist, Lambda Literary Award; Sheep Meadow Press)

Review by Lambda Literary (Mitch Kellaway)

The Definition of Joy (2012; Sheep Meadow Press)

Coming to Life (2010 Forward Fives Award winner; Sheep Meadow Press)

Review by LambdaLiterary (Jay Michaelson)

Psalms (2010; Wipf & Stock)

Transmigration (2009; Lambda Literary Award Finalist, Forward Fives Award winner; Sheep Meadow Press)

Review by LambdaLiterary (G. Stein-Bodenheimer)

The Book of Anna (2006; Sheep Meadow Press)

Alternatives to History (2003; Sheep Meadow Press)


Soldering the Abyss: Emily Dickinson and Modern American Poetry

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